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Your training, a value to win

Your training, a value to win

Our Academy is the tool that allows you to learn and grow. Follow us!

Your skills can become an added value.

Your skills can become an added value.

Your experiences are always welcome, because in any way they can contribute to the growth of the project. With our Academy we will also accompany you on a path of growth tested and shared by thousands of people, and which will allow you to grow and become economically independent. Becoming a Swag representative means putting a serious focus on yourself and on a project. Together we win!

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Become a Swag Business Owner, follow our Academy and acquire the tools you need to develop your new successful business in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Become a SWAG Business Owner

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Swag Academy training modules with

Fabrizio Olla (Business Coach)

Module 1: Professional Network Marketing

The essence of Network Marketing

Mistakes to avoid when creating your Network business

The secrets of the best Networkers in the world to build a team of Network Marketing professionals

Included in the Kit: Professional, Expert

Module 2: Effective and persuasive communication

The 4 postulates of effective communication

How to increase the incisiveness of your communication and promote yourself with maximum effectiveness

Network Marketing & Social Network

Included in the Kit: Professional, Expert

Module 3: Time Management and Priority Management

the method …. and realization of your Network objectives

The 10 key elements for the formulation of a winning goal

The Objective actions relationship

Define the properties and learn how to say NO

10 turnkey strategies to optimize your time

Included in the Kit: Professional, Expert

Module 4: Ethical Leadership

The fundamental personal assets for a successful Network Marketing Leadership

The most effective One to One method for managing and motivating your collaborators

Included in the Kit: Expert