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How can I buy tickets?2022-09-30T10:43:10+00:00

Tickets to participate in Swag events are available in the shop.

N.B: If you have purchased a Professional or Expert Starter Kit, you will have 1 Voucher valid for participation in a Convention Multi-day company, which entitles you to a reduced participation price (no travel and no meals).

What events does Swag organize?2022-09-30T10:48:02+00:00

Swag organizes a series of events every year to allow its customers and promoters to meet and offer them training courses. The events are: ● NATIONAL EVENT: it is an open corporate event to everyone – customers, promoters, crypto-curious, friends and partners. These are the most anticipated events and the most numerous ones. During these meetings our main partners are introduced, the company vision is explained and the new ones are launched projects. ● DIAMOND EVENT: it is reserved only for promoters who have reached the Diamond qualification. Our best promoters gather to learn even more about the various topics of Networking. ● ACADEMY: are training events reserved for our promoters, useful for optimizing their performance During the two days of the Academy, our trainer Fabrizio Olla presents his course on communication techniques and personal growth. ● INTERNATIONAL EVENT ALE: it is an event that is organized abroad, in countries where Swag has a growing network, to allow our foreign users and their work groups to participate in a Swag meeting. ● VILLAGE : this is an event that gives our customers and promoters a further opportunity for growth, thanks to training courses organized in tourist locations.

How does the P.A.B. work in practice?2022-09-30T10:37:30+00:00

The production is credited on the 20th of each month, starting from the month following the subscription of the contract.

The installment is withdrawn on the 25th of each month, starting from the month following the subscription. The first installment is paid at the subscription of the contract.

Which P.A.B. can I choose from and how much do they produce?2022-09-30T10:25:59+00:00

The production is fixed according to the chosen type of contract and is credited monthly to the user’s Swaggy wallet. At the end of the rental period, the full cost of the rental is credited back.

The P.A.B.s produce as follows:
PAB 50 = 5% of the cost
PAB 100 = 6% of the cost
PAB 250 = 7% of the cost
PAB 500 = 8% of the cost
PAB 750 = 9% of the cost
PAB 1000 = 10% of the cost

How much does it cost to activate a P.A.B.?2022-09-30T10:17:49+00:00

The cost is predetermined and you can choose the amount 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 Euros paid in the corresponding amount in BTC.

What’s a P.A.B. rental contract?2022-09-30T10:15:32+00:00

The P.A.B. (Bitcoin Accumulation Plan) is an automatic system that withdraws a fixed amount from the user’s Swaggy wallet monthly and from the following month starts mining. It has a duration of 12 months.

How much does the slot in the writing cost?2022-09-14T17:03:26+00:00

The slots inside the word ” SWAG ” cost as follows:
S = €1,250
W = €1,000
A = €1,500
G = €1,250

What are the prices per slot?2022-09-14T16:56:05+00:00

Prices per slot range from € 750 to € 1,500, depending on the slot position.

When do I get the extraction?2022-09-14T16:40:49+00:00

L’estrazione viene accreditata mensilmente sul wallet Swaggy. Therefore, if the mining start date is March 9, 2022, the first payment of the monthly extraction is credited to the user on April 9, 2022.

How much does a stationary extraction machine produce?2022-09-14T16:25:42+00:00

Fixed extraction machines produce as follows:
Power miner 01 = extraction 12% of the cost
Power miner 02 = extraction 10.8% of the cost
Power miner 04 = extraction 9.6% of the cost
Power miner 08 = extraction 8.4% of the cost
Power miner 16 = extraction 7.2% of the cost
Power miner 32 = extraction 6% of the cost
At the end of the rental credited the full amount of the rental made.

What is a fixed extraction machine?2022-09-14T15:54:50+00:00

The rental of a machine or portion of a machine with fixed extraction allows the customer to receive the extraction relating to the portion of the rented machine. The duration of the contract is one year. The activation and the start of extraction vary according to to the reference lot. With this type of rental, Swag ensures extraction in BTC equal to the amount paid at the time of signing. It is a rental agreement in which extraction, for the entire duration of the contract, is fixed and guaranteed by Swag, who takes the risk. With this type of contract you have a lower level of extraction, of which you can however be certain already at the time of signing.

What variable machines can I rent?2022-09-13T14:30:39+00:00

6 machines or portions of them of different sizes are available:
Starter miner = 1/32 of machine
Micro miner = 1/16 of machine
Light miner = ⅛ of machine
Standard miner = ¼ of machine
Pro miner = ½ of machine
Master miner = 1 whole machine

When do I get the extraction?2022-09-13T14:39:07+00:00

The BTCs that the machine undermines are credited daily to your Swaggy wallet starting from the day following the activation of the machine. Therefore, if the activation day is March 9, 2022, the first credit will be credited to the user on day 10 March 2022.

How much does a variable extraction machine produce?2022-09-13T14:10:04+00:00

The calculation relating to the extraction is subject to a series of technical variables on which Swag cannot affect. The variables concern, for example, the performance of the machine and the difficulty. For this reason it is not objectively possible to indicate an exact ratio and In fact. Swag deals only with the rental of the machines, obviously offered at the best possible conditions on the market, but without the possibility of intervening in any way on the results that can be obtained, by definition variable and not known. In the end, the BTC spent in the rental is not returned.

What is a variable extraction machine?2022-09-08T14:53:11+00:00

The rental of a machine or portion of a variable extraction machine allows you to receive the extraction relating to the portion of the rented machine. The activation, the start of extraction and the duration of the contract vary according to the reference lot and It is possible to add the accessory warranty to the rental which will cover any defects in the equipment deriving from software and hardware malfunctions. 3-year rental agreements are currently available.

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