Mining means to make available to the blockchain the computational power needed to validate the blocks that have economic transactions.
The bitcoins are not created but automatically generated in the net every 10 mins . Every hour 6,25 Btc are split between the miners that have contributed to the validation of the block.
Mining bitcoins means get BTC generated from the net and distributed to the miners.
To mine you need technological and specific equipment, high performing computer connected to the blockchain and working 24/7 to make the complex calculation needed for the generation of new bitcoins.


Mine with Swag is simple, transparent and suitable for all needs.
The offer is constantly growing both to follow the market trends and to offer to the customer an always more competitive product.
The equipment is located in the mining farms of our business partners chosen according to specific criteria: technological advancement, energy cost , tecnichal infrastructures, know how and security.
Thanks to the cooperation with worldwide known partners, Swag users can take advantage of more than 5000 highly performing and competitive machines, with limited costs and with set up fee, maintenance, 24/7 monitoring included.
Swag offers the opportunity to ren an entire machine or fraction of it up to 1/32 , with a contract that varies from 1 to 3 years, with and without warranty.


This type of contract guarantees to the users and fixed production on a monthly basis, guaranted for the 12 months of contract.
You can choose to rend an entire machine pr part of it, according to your personal choice.


Choose from 1, 2 or 3 years of contract accordin to the availability. The right choi e for who wants to have a longer contract and with higher performances.