Bitcoin & Swag
The greatest of opportunities!
Whether you think you can make it or not, you'll still be right! - Henry Ford -
Everything depends on you!

More than a network, a network that creates business.

We embrace Networking as a unique, rich and exciting lifestyle. A professional tool that we share to build successful activities, cooperate and grow together. We are technological, curious, enterprising, and always ready to grasp new initiatives, to discover, understand and share together with our values.

Financial freedom

In a world where money seems to be everything, the Bitcoin ecosystem can represent the last frontier to freedom. An indispensable financial system, free and without charges to defend and share for the wealth and freedom of all.

Good Mood

Living peacefully, surrounded by the right people is not impossible. Changes begin within us. We work together through simplicity, commitment and transparency, without ever losing our smile…


We choose the way in search of the best solution that can guarantee serenity for us, our families and the environment where our children will grow.

Learn more about Swag - Enrich your life

SWAG is a network dedicated to all those people who simply want to explore, earn money and use bitcoin easily and consciously alongside the best experts in the field. We are a community of true fans of the Crypto, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining world who share one and only one great goal, to progress as protagonists together with the Bitcoin revolution by earning money.


Our APP to manage in complete freedom and autonomy your bitcoins together with a current account and a DEBT CARD always accessible.


A platform for all those who want to benefit from activities related to the promotion of SWAG MINING and SWAGGY APP products.


To support the Bitcoin infrastructure we have invested in co-located mining facilities where we mine Bitcoin directly with our mining equipment.