Compensation for all through
Profit Sharing
A Network born with the principle of sharing. We work together to grow, sharing with our Promoters in order to create a group of accomplished and successful people.

A peer-to-peer network of people before computers

Our project is based on the creation of a network of Promoters who, through word of mouth, promote our products and services, sharing with everyone the opportunity to earn money and career related to it. Our network is based on the principles of Network Marketing that has developed worldwide over the last 50 years and today represents an industry with a billion dollar turnover.

A tailored performance career plan

Our Career Plan was created after studying the world’s most successful case histories over the past 40 years and is based on 3 essential points:


Everyone easily understands the structure, products and working methods. In so doing, they are able to put them into practice and share them with other members of their team.


I met a free man. He loved his work! Everyone can enrich themselves and others by reaching their goals with peace of mind and freedom to demonstrate their abilities.


Action based meritocracy. Indeed, our plan rewards the best, but also those who show commitment and are able to do things constructively.

Our career plan doesn't just have Plus, our career plan is a Must!

Inside you is a successful entrepreneur literally ready to explode. What you are missing is just a real opportunity on a human scale and rich in value!

Cumulative points month after month

In the Swag Compensation Plan the points are cumulative, so they are not updated every month, but are added together from the first day on which they become active forever. The qualification obtained and the accumulated points are never lost.

The qualification is acquired forever.

Once a qualification is obtained it remains as well as fees and commissions of the level you have arrived at.

No obligation of self-consumption

You are not obligated to purchase orders for yourself in order to receive commissions or maintain turnover. There are no minimum volumes for monthly break-evens. Life with SWAG is better!

Swaggy awaits you

Discover it together with one of our best Promoters of the month

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Enter Bitcoin as a leader! Get into the game today.

Register with the Network and choose to become one of our promoters and acquire the tools and training you need to develop your new successful business in the Bitcoin world

Become a Swag Promoter

Register on the site and receive an immediate response from our network managers.

Train to win

Access services and products with our training support and with the support of our best promoters.

Start earning straight away

Start mining and earning bitcoins right away through your plants and your business and professional activity

A career of success

You can’t even imagine what the future has in store for you! A new career, a brilliant life full of earnings, travel, knowledge and emotions.