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Sales techniques and know-how, success depends on you.

Working with Swag also means starting a training course full of marketing and technological content.
Through our training kits you will get the skills and abilities you need to move around and express yourself masterfully and effectively with your new customers.
By joining Swag, every Consultant has the opportunity to purchase a Training Kit and attend the online and offline courses of our Academy. A very intense training program is dedicated to those who want to get the most out of themselves and this project, through a series of online workshops, for greater fruition for everyone, also off-line to live an unforgettable life experience and stay in suggestive and unique locations.

Swag Academy training modules with
Fabrizio Olla (Business Coach)

Modulo 1: Professional Network Marketing

  • The essence of Network Marketing
  • Mistakes to avoid in creating your network business
  • The secrets of the best Networkers in the world to build a team of Network Marketing professionals

Included in Starter Kit: SENIOR - PROFSSIONAL – EXPERT

Module 2: Effective and persuasive communication

  • The 4 pillars of effective communication
  • How to increase the impact of your communication and promote yourself with maximum effectiveness.
  • Network Marketing & Social Network

Included in Start Kit: PROFESSIONAL – EXPERT

Module 3: Time Management and Priority Management

  • The approach … and realization of your Network goals
  • The 10 key elements for the formulation of a winning goal
  • The Objective – Action ratio
  • Define properties and learn how to say NO
  • 10 ready-to-use strategies to optimise your time

Included in Start Kit: EXPERT

Module 4: Ethical Leadership

  • The key personal assets for successful Network Marketing Leadership
  • The most effective One to One method for managing and motivating your associates

Included in Start Kit: EXPERT

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