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We share with you the Profits of our products... exchange and Mining!

Swag has developed a proprietary Exchange “Swaggy” and operates Mining Farm in various parts of the world. Our goal is to share the resulting profits with all Network participants. With Swag you and your customers get all the tools to mine, earn and work with Bitcoins right away.


The simplest and most practical Exchange that combines: an ewallet, a bank account and a debit card in a single APP

Bitcoin Mining

Computational power packs and Miner computers are at your disposal to extract your new bitcoins every month

Virtual office

For promoters beyond coaching, we offer a full backoffice with all the features you need to build and manage your career effectively

Bitcoin Mining
Monthly draw for your Bitcoins.
Sell and buy Bitcoin.
Payment card
The new Mastercard debit card
Virtual Office
Functional career backoffice

From bitcoin mining to your online account, everything is in your hands.

By becoming a SWAG Promoter you have the opportunity to develop a new professionalism and a successful career in Fintech with Bitcoin. A new era awaits you and you can experience it as a protagonist.

Start your independent business today and express your potential for success in the Bitcoin world

Entrepreneur of yourself

A new entrepreneur in an emerging market with enormous potential. With SWAG, you gain access to the fast-growing and innovative Fintech sector, which is full of great opportunities. Today you have the chance to build your dream of success and economic freedom by means of bitcoin and the new system of banking, or rather of being a banker yourself

Change your Life

Swag allows its promoters to enter their business by sharing all the profits generated. No other competitor in the world allows it! 50% of Swag’s real margins are shared across the entire network according to the rules of the Compensation Plan.

Take action

Join our Bitcoiners community to develop together a great common dream. Economic and financial freedom, success, prospects and opportunities await you if you choose to work together in the biggest industrial revolution since the invention of the internet. A new era has opened with Bitcoin

Enter Bitcoin as a leader! Get into the game today.

Register with the Network and choose to become one of our promoters and acquire the tools and training you need to develop your new successful business in the Bitcoin world

Become a Swag Promoter

Register on the site and receive an immediate response from our network managers.

Train to win

Access services and products with our training support and with the support of our best promoters.

Start earning straight away

Start mining and earning bitcoins right away through your plants and your business and professional activity

A career of success

You can’t even imagine what the future has in store for you! A new career, a brilliant life full of earnings, travel, knowledge and emotions.

Swaggy awaits you

Discover it together with one of our best Promoters of the month

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Swaggyapp, your bitcoin exchange is already here.

Using your bitcoins freely together with a new euro bank account has never been easier. With the application you also get a handy RECHARGEABLE DEBT CARD linked to your euro and bitcoins

Manage Bitcoin

Our application allows you to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin with whoever you want to in an immediate, simple and safe way

Online account

Together with the bitcoin ewallet you will also immediately get a new bank account with a nominal IBAN with which you can carry out all the euro transactions you want.

Debit card

So that you can easily use your accounts in complete freedom, security and autonomy, wherever you are

Swag Mining

We develop our mining facilities alongside the best operators in the market in order to offer our community the best performing Miner Computers in the top production sites (mining farms).

Mining farm

Company owned mining farms and mining equipment installed in the most important Russian mining farms with installation program up to 10MW by 2022.

Asic Miner of the best producers

We use only the best of the latest generation Asic Miners to ensure the best production performance and yields for our miners.

Low electric price

We work alongside large operators with some of the best electricity supply and costs in the global market.

Learn more about Swag - Enrich your life

SWAG is a network dedicated to all those people who simply want to explore, earn money and use bitcoin easily and consciously alongside the best experts in the field. We are a community of true fans of the Crypto, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining world who share one and only one great goal, to progress as protagonists together with the Bitcoin revolution by earning money


Our APP to manage in complete freedom and autonomy your Bitcoin together with an IBAN account and a DEBIT CARD always accessible.


A platform for all those who wish to work with activities related to the promotion of SWAG MINING and SWAGGY APP products.


To support the Bitcoin infrastructure we have invested in co-located mining facilities where we mine Bitcoin directly with our mining equipment.

Partners & Associations

Swag cooperates with crypto association to support the financial innovation and the introduction of the blockchain in wider industries.

Thanks to its partnerships it can offer to its customers a convenient and competitive product